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The Town

Pedrouzo is the main core of Arca - O Pino. One of the main reference to visit is the Church of Santa Eulalia de Arca. A building of neoclassical style, with two ships and a large Bell Tower. One of their main characteristics and element of attraction for pilgrims and visitors, also that the wall behind the altar, instead of altarpiece, shaped vieira (of wood) and large.

Also in Arca contained the Hermitage of Santa Irene; a small building about three kilometers from Pedrouzo, with a fountain which, according to legend, has healing properties. Arca also boasts unique landscapes. Backdrops in the chromatic range of greens and browns, delimited to the fund by the silhouette of the old mines of Rio Tinto. There is a wide range of restoration in our town, to satisfy all palates, but always with excellent raw material that characterizes our region.


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